About us

We are an Australian association representing businesses in the specialised textiles industry who make a variety of fabric products for indoor and outdoor use. Products made are specific to customer requirements, one off  bespoke items and mass produced when required. 



Liners & Covers 

Marine & Auto

Window Furnishings

Shade Structures


Fabrication and installation of dam and tank liners and covers, stockpile and bunker covers, hay and cotton tarps, temporary shelter and dome covers.



Fabricators of marine and auto products – interior and exterior – such as upholstery, enclosures, tops and much more.



Fabricators, wholesalers, retailers, designers and installers of all types of window furnishings for internal and external projects.


Fabricators, installers, designers and engineers working together to promote the use of tension structures,  shade sails and all  fabric structures.


Fabricators of truck tarps and covers, agricultural tarps and covers, sporting field covers, gym tarps and more.



Tents & Marquees

Flags & Banners

Fabric Suppliers 


Machinery & Component Supplier

Manufacturers and installers of tents, marquees and portable shelters for domestic and commercial use.



Fabricators and installers of flags and banners and fabric printing.



Suppliers, manufacturers and distributors of fabrics for the specialised textiles industry.



Fabricators, wholesalers
and installers of awnings
and awning related


Manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of equipment and components utilised in all types of textile fabrication.