Award for Excellence 2018, Automotive and Motor Trimming

Our customer had not been successful with obtaining an award for his existing upholstery he had been supplied and was getting negative reviews from the judges in the shows that he had entered, we were contracted to create an interior that would uplift the look of this beautiful show car & give him his best opportunity to receive an award for his interior.

On the first meeting with our client I realised we had to come up with a design the would give the Torana's interior a completely new look & feel. The intention of my client was he wanted to win an award for his interior which was the only trophy he hadn't achieved . I worked with my client & his wife going through several designs and once I found a design which appealed to my clients I set about tweaking it with the use of highlight treads & different combinations of shape & size diamonds in the inserts until my clients felt there was enough colour to provide a beautiful contrast

The uniqueness of the job was it was a one of a kind refurbishment of the front & rear seats, front & rear door trims, rear parcel tray & boot linings that needed to be created to a high quality show standard on a limited budget. As our customer was on a budget we werent able to provide the complete interior that was needed along with: dash, headlining & carpets whcih were left as is. The complexity in the project was to completely re-shape the rear seat & rear parcel tray in conjunction with having to work around the  tubbed rear wheel arches & roll cage.

The results in our remodelling & creatinga high quality Show Car interior helped raise the bar of the interior to a standard possible of winning an award which had eluded our customer to date.

In the last show our client attended, "Propa" was awarded a Top 4 placing in the Elite Section at the Red Centre Nats. Our client said  although he did not win Best Interior,  the interior changes & design we provided, had certainly contributed to raising the standard of  his Torana "Propa" which enabled the opportunity to win such a prestigious placing.