Award for Excellence 2018, Blinds & Awnings - Commercial

The client requested a rooftop shade solution that was retractable and minimised loads into the post tensioned slab.

It was a requirement for the fabric to be PVC membrane and also to be motorised for ease of use. 

We provided a waterproof shade cover over the childrens sandpit.

The key complexities with this build are as follows:

1: Providing a maximum covered are whilst also meeting childcare safety standards for climb-ability, this is more important due to the nature of the build being 4 stories off the ground.

2: Being a podium level slab build the structure had to be lifted into position via a crane, unfortunately for us the build was already finished so there wasn't a site crane available. This meant our team had to organise road closures, traffic control, crane and dogman for the lift along with site specific lift plans, diagrams and engineers sign off. 

3: Working in with existing post tensioned cables, knowing that these cables were hidden beneath the surface in an undefined location meant that our team had to accurately xray the concrete to locate the cables. This is critical due to the chemical anchor system being utilised for holding the structure down. Fortunately the cables could be located and our post design adjusted to accommodate for both the post tensioned cables and the childcare climb ability code, not to mention ensuring the posts finished in the correct position both in height and projection to allow ease of mounting the retractable awning to them.

4: A Custom reinforced beam needed to be fabricated and installed to the existing roof structure, this was also engineered to ensure structural integrity. This had to be a perfect fit to ensure the load calculations would be accommodated and distributed through the existing structure. Installation of the beam was completed at the same time as the roof structure to ensure limited disruption to the center, this meant that if 1 measurement was out the structure would not be completed in a single site mobilization. Fortunately the measurements all checked out. 

5: Working over the existing sandpit and uneven rocky surrounds was a challenge, we had to utilize customized scaffold and platform arrangements to comply with OHS requirements. 

6: Time frame, the entire project was delivered in just over 5 weeks including design and fabrication works.

The End user, Our Customer, Architect and Engineers were extremely happy with the overall delivery of the project. The design intent was met perfectly and the usability of the system fit well to the design brief.