Award for Excellence 2018, Shade Sails or Structures - Commercial

This project involved replacing the Blue Ringed Octopus Shade Skin complete with custom sewn in artwork.

The existing shade sails and approximately 60% of the steelwork had major design and specification flaws from the original build, this had lead to an early failure of the skins along with premature corrosion to the steelwork. This needed to be rectified in a unique way to minimise disruption to the parks trading.

Key complexities about this project were as follows:

1: Accurate Site measuring; Due to the height of the structure and trying to maintain a cost effective budget we adopted a unique measuring style utilising the benefits of new technology, a complete 3D Point cloud survey was completed for the entire ride tower platform, this captured so much information and data that the designers spent nearly a week building and refining the model. 

2: Translating the data to workshop drawings; Once the date was refined and an accurate 3D model produced we needed to match the existing bolt locations that were to remain perfectly to ensure the new structure would integrate well. Fortunately our design team were up fro the challenge and completed all workshop drawings with 100% success rate.

3: Fabric Patterning and Graphic Panels; all artwork on the BRO shade are custom cut from pieces of Monotec 370 in different colours, these make up the core features of the design intent and need to be replicated perfectly. The eyes for example, to appear as though they are a true eye, are face and top stitched as seperate pieces to provide an accurate representation of the different light transmitting from outside. 

4: Site preparation; To ensure the install was as smooth as possible site preparation paramount, this included numerous meetings with crane companies, our in house rigging team, Rope Access teams, Dreamworld representatives, OHS supervisors and project managers. We chose to preset the day prior of install and ensure all pieces were mapped out in their specific order to marry in with the lift plan. 

5: D Day Install; 5:00am start preparing the crane with counter weights and away we role. Rope access Getting prepped and in position, first lift at 5:45 am removing the old structure onto pre-organised trucks for a smooth transition. The entire installtion process was complete by 4:30pm this included more than 20 steel lifts, 3 skin lifts, Man Cage works for both skins. 3 Riggers on site, 3 rope access members, 2 x dogman and a crane operator. The install was handled so well and without incident that we received a special thanks from the Dreamworld WHS supervisor for diligence we put into the planning of the works.

Our customer was overjoyed with the fact that we delivered our promise to achieve an enormous amount of work in such a short period of time. The new skins fit extremely well and have eliminated the major flaws provided with the existing solution.