Award for Excellence 2017, Window Furnishings - Commercial

This project involved the design and construct an enclosed cafe dining area with a metal roof, clear PVC infill panels and Clear PVC crank operated blinds with removable posts throughout.

The client who was installing a new outdoor dining area needed a roof and blinds installed. The key functionality requirement based around the installation of clear pvc side tracked blinds to enclose the area and provide weather protection in rainy conditions and assist with warmth to the area in colder temperatures.

The council had specific guidelines and requirements to allow the blinds to be installed these included but are not limited to the following. 
1. All blinds and infill panels were to be made from Clear PVC so as not to disrupt the viewing through the east/west corridor. 
2. All blind posts were to be removable to assist with not obstructing the view or access on the footpath. This is a key challenging are considering the blinds also had 2 corner posts, creating a corner post that is both easily removable and also fixed firm was a challenging area to overcome. We utilised SS316 cam locks generally used in marine scenarios to create a lockable post mount to the ground. When locked into place the post stays firm and is kept in position allowing the blinds to function correctly.
3. Blinds needed to be housed in a side track system to allow for a clean appearance.
4. Blinds had to be crank operated to ensure a neat rolled up appearance.
5. Blinds needed to be housed in an enclosed headbox to protect against vandalism and also to assist with a clean aesthetic appearance. 
6. Building a custom aluminium sub-frame to house both the blinds and infill panels onsite. This needed accuracy +/- 2mm to ensure the prefabricated blinds fitted correctly.

The client loves the system and is very happy with the overall result. The council were impressed with the versatility of our organisation to come up with  a solution that they themselves had not seen completed before. The client now has a functional outdoor dining area that is able to be used in all weather conditions.