Award for Excellence 2017, Geneal

We were contracted to supply and install 20  sound deadening screens approx. 6m x 9m to the perimetre walls of a new basketball court.

The new courts were going to be very loud and echoey. 
The architects requested a method of attaching acoustic insulation to the wall and then  covering the insulation with an attractive and unique cover.
Through this consultative process the architect, builder and ourselves  devised a process of framing the wall sections, attaching the insulation to the wall and then covering the insulation with a fabric under tension.

This is a very unique project. Unsure if this has been done in this manner before and it was certainly a first for our company.
Our first objective was to design a perimetre frame and internal threaded studs to glue the acoustic insulation inside which could also anchor the tension track and be reasonably easy to install and tension the fabric into place.
We looked at several off the shelf track systems which are available and in the end devised a new design which we had custom made.
We made two samples which we attached to the side of our factory to determine our stretch factors and method of installing. As we were stretching the fabric in four directions it was critical to work out the tolerances required so the finished product was spot on with no gaps or creases, along with coming up with a method of installing the tracks so they fitted into place under tension.
Not all the sections were perfect rectangles with angles to match the gable roof on each end and cutouts around doorways and electrical components required.
Finally we modified some post caps to attach to the threaded studs in the centre of the screens to give a quilted look.

The resulting Lime green screens with black surrounds and large buttons certainly look fantastic.
According to Recreation centre sources the acoustic quality of the stadium when there are big crowds is still quite noisey but far less echo that they were expecting.

This is a great result where we were involved with the development of the screens for the stadium from the very beginning.
We were involved with the initial architects planning, recommended fabrics and design concepts and then had a close relationship with the builder right up to completion.
We were able to recommend our choice of fabric, Monotec shadecloth, as we knew we could stretch it into place and the wide width along with the design of the tracking system meant there were no visible seams or stitching.