Award for Excellence 2019, Shade Sails or Structures - Domestic

We custom mounted 2 fabricated roof posts, a tall centre post opposite this and 2 lower posts at either ends of the pool. This was to give the shade sail a Hypar affect by covering the entertaining area and strategically shading part of the pool.

The purpose of this project was to provide maximum shade coverage to multiple outdoor areas whilst partly shading the pool, simply using a single shade sail.

The most unique aspect of this project was fabricating and mounting a single shade sail, high and over the roof whilst not spoiling the rural views looking out from inside the home.

The result was an outstanding visual appeal to the outdoor entertaining area, maximum shade coverage achieved using Black Shade Cloth, installed in an extremely hot climate in a rural setting. Mounting the sail up high allowed the heat to escape and capture cool breezes.

A big visual impact with uninterrupted views from inside the home to the outdoor areas was achieved. It is now a cooler and comfortable area of the home at any time of the day, offering excellent shade coverage and cool breezes.