Award for Excellence 2019, Tension Structures - Greater than 2000qm

Our client, a prominent new and second hand car retailer had recently purchased a large block of land which they intend to move most of their operations and stock to.
They wanted to stand out from their competition by being the largest outdoor under-cover car yard in the state.
I was approached by their architect to provide technical details for purpose built car parking structures and we eventually won the tender to supply and install a total of 31 single and double stand alone and joined car park structures for the project.

Primarily the client wanted to be different from his opposition and provide a comfortable buying experience for his clients. Cars parked under the structures were now cooler in summer and dry when it was raining.
Secondary, they needed a safe place to be able to store their stock of new cars and save money on insurance due to the protection provided from possible hail storms.

To begin with, this was a massive project. The biggest single task our company had undertaken.
The lot was approximately 200m long and between 60 & 90m wide and the 31 joined and stand alone structures covered most of this lot.
The difficulty was the block sloped both East/West and North/South and rather than run the structures with the lay of the land the architect wanted the tops to be level.
So what we did was build structures which the length was determined by a drop in the ground level of 500mm.
How we did this was to set the first high footing for the uprights at 500mm below ground level and work our way down the hill until our upright level reached ground level.
Here our upright was designed to take two at a height even to all the others on the high side and a second 500mm lower which was the start of the next level of structure (I have attached a diagram which shows the levels)
This made two things easy for us. 1 the surveyor could easily plot the heights and we could build all of our upright poles to the same height.
With the land sloping both ways we had a situation where one side of the rafter was lower to the ground on the high side so we had to take into account the clearance height on the high side.

The result is a magnificent car sales lot of epic proportions.