Award for Excellence 2019, Product Innovation

We have developed a method of measuring 3D complex shaped swimming pools so a PVC membrane can be fabricated to the exact shape including over the pool steps and the shaped curved walls using a smartphone. In the past these complex pool shapes could only be measured with specialised equipment that is too costly for our customers to own. Al our customers carry a smartphone in their pocket and so we have developed a system to measure these complex shapes within millimetre accuracy using their phone to take pictures.

Our clients had difficulty measuring complex shaped swimming pools for a fabricated PVC finish. There was a 3D scanner available that is currently used on construction sites, but the cost was $65,000 per unit and too expensive for our clients to invest in this type of equipment when they only need to use it 6-10 times per year. Our clients therefore needed a simple cost effective method of measuring complex 3D pool, shapes.

It has taken over 2 years for us to perfect the measuring using only a smartphone. There about 50-60 photos taken of the empty swimming pool and from here we develop a 3D model containing over 20 million data points. The model is rendered so it can be rotated 360 degrees and viewed from all angles. Then we draw splines onto the surface of the 3D model and extract these splines to use to create sections that when are put together re-create a fabric surface of the swimming pool. This surface is then paneled and nested and cut from our PVC to make the vinyl membrane to fit the pool surface exactly.

Our first complex pool measured using an iPhone resulted in a successful 3D model, from which we were able to extract the section splines and cut and fabricate a PVC membrane that fitted the pool perfecting including over the steps and bench. We were absolutely thrilled with this result and have since continued to use this system for a more cost effective method to measure complex swimming pools for a new PVC membrane pool finish.