Award for Excellence 2020, Geomembranes

Project name: Noosaville
Entrant name: ABGAL Liners & Covers
Project name: Noosaville
Fabric used: Aqualux
Fabric supplier: Swimlinings P/L
Component supplier: Abgal
Textile fabrication: In-house

The client needed to upgrade the pool surface as it had aged and
was bleached and rough to touch. A new low maintenance surface
was required to renovate this backyard swimming pool that was 8.7
metres by 4.3 metres in size.
Fibreglass pools are made on a mould with a draft and so they
have a larger perimeter at the top compared to the bottom. Add
to this the safety ledge and a number of steps and you have a
very complex 3D shape. The walls on this pool lean out and so the
fabric had to be shaped precisely to fit without any wrinkles.
To add to the complexity, this pool was measured with an
iPhone camera and a series of over 100 photos were taken and
then these photos were all stitched together to make a 3D photo
model that was used to develop the fabric panels using CAD. The
PVC finish is wrinkle free even before the water is added to hold it
in position and the client was delighted with the outcome.