Award for Excellence 2020, Blinds & Awnings - Domestic

Project name: Peppers Kingscliffe
Entrant name: Versatile Structures
Project name: Peppers Kingscliffe
Fabric used: Fire Resistant SPARK U150 120 – Blanc
Fabric supplier: Nolan Group
Component supplier: Hartlands
Textile fabrication: Outsourced

The clients, a retired elderly couple, were in desperate need of
protection from the eastern sun and rainfall when entertaining
guests on the weekend. They were unsure if there was a product
in existence that could solve their problem. Being a rooftop
application, wind is an issue. We proposed a motorised awning
that included a sun and wind/vibration sensor, which could be
automatically retracted in and out with a push of a button. The
element of difficulty was, to install the awning, an 80-tonne crane
needed to be set up near a busy public beach. We sought council
approval, provided plans and our application was successful. In the
end, we were able to safely install two folding arm awnings without
a hitch. We were specially commended by the client because we
were able to overcome so many obstacles and deliver the project
on budget, without any variations and, most importantly, in the
time-frame that we promised.