Award for Excellence 2020, Marine Trimming - Interior

Project name: Earthling hulls interior lining
Fabric used: Cordova Vinyl, closed cell foam
Fabric supplier: Nolan Group
Component suppliers: PJ Bowers, Daleys
Textile fabrication: In-house

After this racing yacht partially sank during Cyclone Debbie
in 2017, the owner decided it would be repurposed as a racing
cruiser. The original painted fibreglass surface of the two-metre
high internal hulls would be replaced with a luxurious and
comfortable surface, to complement the highly professional
finish of the entirety of the vessel. Because each hull housed
bunks and a double bed, with toilet and shower positioned in
between, it was essential these walls and ceilings be hygienic
and easy to clean. We knew this job would not be as simple as
it sounded, as we placed our order for 60 sheets of foam, 120
metres of vinyl and 100 litres of glue. Because we were aiming for
a perfectly symmetrical look and due to the complex shape of the
hulls and the restricted width of the vinyl, we glued the pattern
material to the hulls first and then outlined each individual panel
accordingly. The combination of carefully chosen materials, plus
our individualised patterning method of making up and fitting the
panels, resulted in precise closely-fitting wall and ceiling panels,
positioned perfectly. The owner expressed his highest praise to us
and we were elated with the outcome of this project.