Award for Excellence 2020, Marine Trimming - Exterior

Entrant name: Burnett Group
Project name: Earthling new tramp mats
Fabric used: Spectra Dynema Netting
Fabric supplier: OptGold Pty Ltd
Component supplier: Nolan Group, Ricky Richards, Gore Tenara Thread
Textile fabrication: In-house

As the boat was on the hardstand during this fitout, the nets were
suspended about four metres from ground level and this posed
its own hazards for us and slowed us down somewhat. There were
several safety issues with the old design. The mats were not big
enough and presented large gaps around the edges, allowing a
foot to easily slip through the side of the netting. When awash with
the large quantity of water that poured through the netting, the
fastenings and ropes on the catwalk made tripping up a real hazard
onboard. We redesigned the mats and cut out our new patterns
from the boat. To address the wet deck problem, we structured a
three-layered section built into the mats for the two wettest sides.
Attaching the nets to the boat probably posed the biggest challenge
for us. Consequently, four men were required to pull the nets
through the S bend and into position. As a racing cruiser, the netting
area and drier deck is not only very comfortable, but the safety
problems in these areas have been eliminated. We could not have
been more pleased with the outcome.