Award for Excellence 2020, Automotive/Motor Trimming/Recreational - Exterior

Entrant name: De Paoli Prestige Trimming
Project name: Mountain bike cover
Fabric used: Surlast All Weather Fabric
Fabric supplier: Nolan Group
Component supplier: Nolan Group
Textile fabrication: In-house

The client wanted a specific lightweight cover manufactured to
cover his mountain bike on the back of his mobile home while
travelling around Australia. The cover had to be opened from the
face side using a zipper, allowing the bike to be easily removed and
replaced when riding was finished.
The complexity surrounding this project was allowing the fabric
to go around the bars holding the bike frame to the mobile home
at the rear. Cutouts had to be made with flaps sewn into place
with velcro to go around all the bars. This part of the project was
quite fiddly and awkward to do. The finished project allows the
client to either remove the cover completely or simply undo the
jacket zipper from one side to the other and remove the bike
while leaving the rear part of the cover attached. The client really
liked the way it came together and the ease with which the cover
zippers together when the bike is put back on the rack.