Award for Excellence 2020, Shade Sails or Structures - Commercial

Project name: Noosa Botanic Gardens
Entrant name: Versatile Structures
Project name: Noosa Botanic Gardens
Fabric used: Monotec 210
Fabric supplier: Monotec
Component supplier: Versatile Structures
Textile fabrication: Copelands and Pickers

In the 1980s, Noosa Council relocated an extra-large bird aviary to
the Noosa Botanic Gardens and repurposed it as a shade house to
establish and protect unique flora for public display. The removal
of this structure was to be a delicate procedure to protect the
highly prized shade plants that could not be relocated. The chosen
design consisted of a series of overlapping shade sails, providing
for shade variations to accommodate the needs of different plant
species and flexibility within a confined irregular footprint. This
design also took into consideration the natural shade provided
by the surrounding tree canopy to eliminate direct sunlight
from entering the shade garden. The cost of the project to the
environment was mitigated, with all steel components from the old
structure taken for recycling, no excess concrete mix being left onsite
and a flora and fauna management plan being developed by
all contractors. Financial, environmental, economic and community
sustainability were all components in the development of the
Noosa Botanic Shade Garden canopy structure.