Award for Excellence 2020, Tension Structures – Domestic

Project name: Pool Membrane
Entrant name: Versatile Structures
Project name: Pool Membrane
Fabric used: Ferrari 502
Fabric supplier: Serge Ferrari
Component supplier: Versatile Structures
Textile fabrication: Copelands and Pickers

The client required a solution to both shade and protect his
pool and decking while at the same time providing privacy for
his property from the neighbouring apartments. There was also
a need to stop leaves from overhanging neighbouring trees
entering the pool. The pool and deck area is situated out the back
of the property with only one access gate down the side of the
property. This made every step of the process incredibly difficult.
All materials had to be manually moved in and out of the area and
some unique methods had to be developed. To finalise our design
of the structure, we completed a 3D survey of the area, including
natural ground, deck extents, pool extents, existing fencing and
the existing house structure. The results speak for themselves; we
took every need that the client had and delivered it with passion
and determination. Our client has a waterproof covering for their
pool with a leaf guard built into the structure and complete privacy
from neighbouring apartments.