Award for Excellence 2020, Shade Sails or Structures - Domestic

Project name: Toomulla Shade Sail Project
Entrant name: Cheyne Shades and Canvas
Project name: Toomulla Shade Sail Project
Fabric used: Extrablock Shade Cloth
Fabric supplier: HVG Fabrics
Component supplier: Miami Stainless
Textile fabrication: In-house

This project required the steel fabrication and installation of eight
posts, the manufacture of shade sails, six wall brackets and fully
installed tracking to provide full shade coverage to the exterior
suspended sundeck without obscuring the ocean views. The deck
is suspended high off the ground and positioned on the edge of a
rock/cliff face – meaning high risk work. Extreme shade coverage
was achieved to the entire deck with the shade sails framing
the ocean views perfectly. The shade sails have also cooled the
home down internally and reduced sun glare and intense UV from
coming into the main living areas of the home. The deck can be
used at all times of the day and is always in full shade for the home
owners to enjoy.