Award for Excellence 2020, General - Flags, banners, inflatables, fabric art etc.

Project name: Australia Zoo Tents
Entrant name: Versatile Structures
Project name: Australia Zoo Tents
Fabric used: Bullduct Canvas 120z
Fabric supplier: Wax Converters Textiles
Component supplier: Versatile Structures
Textile fabrication: Copelands and Pickers
Our client had an idea for a themed structure to represent a
camping scenario in the Australian outback. After numerous site
inspections, some basic hand sketches and a lot of discussions, a
basic design intent was established. The main complexities were
around coming up with a suitable design that would resemble what
was only visible in our client’s head and the biggest challenge was
delivering in the required time-frame. From initial site inspection
for quote, to completion of project installation on-site was only 15
days. Final installation coincided with the day the crocodiles were
being introduced to their brand new enclosure – this meant our
team were required to pause work multiple times in order to keep
noise levels down and on one occasion assist with carrying the box
containing the largest crocodile into the enclosure where he would
later be released. Our client was over the moon when he saw our
team putting the final tweaks on the manilla ropes, brushing the
ends to provide a rustic appearance and a weathered look. The
project was delivered successfully and on time.