Award for Excellence 2020, Product Innovation

Project name: Dual Coloured Architectural Shade Fabric
Entrant name: GALE Pacific Limited
Project name: Dual Coloured Architectural Shade Fabric
Fabric used: Commercial DualShade 350
Fabric supplier: GALE Pacific Limited
Component supplier: GALE Pacific Limited

This dual-coloured architectural shade fabric is a revolutionary
new concept developed with our patent pending and patented
knit patterns, delivering aesthetic innovation to the knitted textiles
market that has been unseen since the launch of architectural
shade cloth in 1976. In a tensile application, the front face colour of
the membrane may initially be most prominent and as an individual
then moves around the structure, more of a gradual mix of colours
is noticed. In designing tensile structures incorporating this
material, the aesthetic properties of the fabric must be considered,
as the structure will display a distinctly varying appearance,
depending on the angle from which the structure is viewed. The
complexity of this project lies in the design, knit pattern and
manufacture of the fabric, which is unique in the knitted HDPE
shade fabric market. In addition to aesthetic benefits the fabric
incorporates a patented intertwining knit pattern. This feature has
been proven to provide functional benefits including optimal force
distribution and balanced warp and weft properties.