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STA launches consumer website


STA has committed to a future direction which will see a digital marketing strategy and a newly developed consumer-oriented website established to furhter promote our Australian industry of highly skilled industrial textile fabricators, directly to Australian consumers.

One of the biggest threats to our Australia industry continues to be the made-up textile products that are mass produced overseas. These fully imported products are flooding into the country at increased levels and at the expense of our Australian manufacturing industries. While there will always be a place in the market for these products, Australian consumer awareness of  the Australian textile fabrication sector is very low or even non-existent in many cases.

STA is now embarking on a project to lifting  the Australian industry profile by designing a consumer-focused website which will allow Australian consumers to research and have better contact with our Australian textiles industry. This will include accessing fabricator members, searching for products and business matching to our fabricators, reading up and learn about our suppliers’ advertised products and have a better general understanding of our Australian industry.

Consumers will be able to search for all the textile fabricated products manufactures by STA members whether it be an awning, tarp, shade sail, total re-upholsering for their vintage car or boat .... a cover for their pool ... the sky is the limit on what a textile fabricator can make!


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