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Specialised Textiles
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The Association we know today as Specialised Textiles Association (STA), was established in the 1940 shortly after the Second World War (under the name of Canvas Manufactures Association) by a group of fabricators and the owners of two large weaving and finishing mills with the objective of promoting industry standards and ethics, lobbying Government and providing a forum for the exchange of ideas.

The following ten years saw the expansion of state based Canvas Manufacturers Associations. In 1950 the Association name changed to Canvas Goods Manufacturers Federation of Australia. Then finally in 1983 the Association was re branded with the name of "Australian Canvas and Synthetic Products Association of Australia" (ACASPA) - a name that reflected the emergence of non-woven synthetic material used in modern manufacturing.

28 years later, in 2011 ACASPA members voted for an association name change - one that would reflect the emerging trends and specialised niche industry they were involved in.  This led to the name Specialised Textiles Association being iimplemented and ntroduced to the industry.

The history of this Association is truly the story of manufacturing in Australia. Over the 70 odd years membership ranges from the small one man canvas & synthetic goods manufacturing operations to the largest manufacturing names in Australia like Nylex , Bradmill, Birkmyre, and Brella.

It was the diversity of the association that made it strong and offered large and small companies the opportunity to associate, learn and support.

STA is still strong today because members still see the need to have an Industry body that offers them support, information and the ability to share knowledge.