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Fabric Structures Committee


Please be aware some of these resources can only be accessed by Specialised Textiles members. 

About Fabric Structures

The Fabric Structures Committee of the Specialised Textiles Association has identified fifteen key areas which define fabric structures and address issues of significance. Their collective input, grounded on many years of experience, in the form of comments and research have been used collaboratively to produce this resource. This report is the first version of “About Fabric Structures” and would be suited for use by anyone who is considering installing a shade structures.

Fabric structures have arisen from a demand for flexible and cost effective shade options which will work and protect in Australia’s hot climate. The industry is growing in size and value in line with advances in materials and processes. New applications emerge daily for the use of fabric structures. Often fabric structures are replacing and becoming the first option, over traditional building products. Beauty, price and practicality are some of the many reasons for this change.

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Minimum Specifications for Fabric Structures

The following provides a guide to specifications that commercial purchasers of fabric structures’ should consider when obtaining tenders or quotations for fabric structure projects.

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Guidelines for Shade Structures

These Guidelines highlight that despite shade sails being around from many years, the growing number of installations and general public interest, required a structured framework to ensure optimal results for all involved. These Guidelines ideally, are placed to set the benchmark for what to expect when purchasing and effective shade sail or tension membrane.

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Shade Sail Check List for Consumers

The Fabric Structures Committee of STA has developed a consumer checklist for the installation of shade sails. The checklist aims to assist and educate consumers who may be engaging the services of a contractor to install a shade sail. The checklist is also a great resource for intallers to pass onto their customers and to use as their own checklist.

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Licence Requirements for Installers across Australia

The Fabric Structures Committee has identified licencing requirements for shade structure installers across the country. This is partly in response to a Federal Government direction to nationalise occupations but also because we would like to provide members with accurate information about the licences needed by shade structure installers to operate legally around the country. Check out your State's licensing requirements as noted in the Licensing Summary document prepared by the FSC.

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