Award for Excellence 2019, Marine Trimming Exterior

The client delivered to us his pride and joy and asked for an “Awesome Tinny Bimini”. He wanted a bimini that delivered a lot of shade, had no straps to allow for ample fishing room and could fully collapse so he could fit it in his garage. 

The bimini was designed to meet the clients expectations, to provide plenty of shade but not to obstruct fishing room and also fold down for storage and travel.

 This is a project we worked with our aluminum fabricator to design the base structure. The powder coated aluminum targa was designed to be strong, stable, allow for our bimini to be attached and fold down onto the back bait board of the boat for storage. Once the targa was designed we had to strategically work out how to design the collapsible frame for the bimini. We then bent the frames and tested the collapsing process before patterning and manufacturing the bimini top. Careful calculations and measurements to deliver the final product were a challenge in this top.

 We were able to deliver exactly what the client requested. A fully collapsible strong “Awesome Tinny Bimini”. The customer was “Stoked” and could not actually believe we did it. This was a challenging but rewarding project with a great outcome.