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Life Members

Honoured Life Member (HLM) is a designation given to individuals who have shown outstanding work accomplishments in the industry or association, who have shown exceptional accomplishments or extraordinary achievement while serving as an officer of the Association, or who have been actively engaged in the specialty fabrics industry and have been an end-product manufacturer or supplier member of the association.

To submit the name of a potential HLM candidate, please contact Specialised Textiles Association office for a candidate application form.

The qualifications of all candidates are reviewed by the Specialised Textiles Association's Council of Management.

The following individuals were given the Honoured Life Member designation in the year indicated.

1966 J. Armstrong (*)

1970 R. L. Gair (*)

1970 J. A. Flavel (*)

1972 L. N. Dexter (*)

1976 H. Roney (*)

1976 G. Pickers (*)

1977 J. G. Wolstenholme (*)               

1979 D. P. Doughton (*)

1982 R. Farrell (*)

1983 E. H. Tubbs (*)

1983 A. B. Evans (*)   

1985 G. Bailey

1987 A. W. Livingston

1988 R. Evans (*)

1988 J. Penman (*)

1990 D. E. Dexter

1993 W. S. Menahem

1994 C. E. Bartlett

2001 G. L. Gair (*)

2001 D. C. Tebb

2004 G. Beaver

2009 J. Kelman

2012 M. Brady

2015 K. Bartlett


(*) deceased